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No equipment cost with our Loaned Equipment Agreement

EnviroCaddie customers are eligible to receive a portable paint sprayer through a Loaned Equipment Agreement (LEA).

The development of the water-based enamel paint now allows for the use of one EnviroCaddie dispenser to be used to spray different colors of paint without the necessity of cleaning the EnviroCaddie dispenser after each paint application.

Our testing has proven that if any given color of paint is sprayed completely from the dispenser, the dispenser is ready to accept a new color without having to stop and clean the inside. This obviously requires some planning on the part of the user to put in only as much paint as is required for the job at hand to ensure that it is completely exhausted before introducing the new color. We believe that this program provides our customers with an economical alternative that benefits everyone and we would look forward to answering any questions you might have about it.