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Optimizing the
EnviroCaddie Paint System

Mix the paint thoroughly. – Prior to filling or adding paint to the EnviroCaddie, open the can and mix the paint thoroughly with the provided mixing stick to ensure that all solids are mixed into the paint.

Prior to reusing the EnviroCaddie… If the EnviroCaddie has been unused for over one hour, mix the paint with the drill attachment for at least 3 minutes on low speed (approximately 300 rpm) to ensure that the solids are re-suspended in the paint.

Operating pressure… Maintaining proper tank pressure ensures satisfactory spray results. Make sure the pressure gauge indicator stays in the GREEN.

Purging Process With Three-Way Valve – Upon completion of spraying turn the three-way valve to the middle position open the needle valve on the receptor and depress the actuator purge all paint completely from the line and the vertical action valve and actuator, then close needle valve.


Under no circumstance is it permitted for the customer to work on the EnviroCaddie Paint Dispenser except changing the vertical action valve.

The EnviroCaddie must remain in the vertical position at all times.

In the event of a problem please call 888-867-1800 or email us.

For SDS information, operating manuals, and videos on how to use your EnviroCaddie paint dispenser please refer to the resources on this website.

Changing Colors

Changing colors with the EnviroCaddie is simply a matter of completely spraying out all the paint and pouring the new color into the EnviroCaddie.

It is recommended to only fill the EnviroCaddie with the estimated amount of paint you intend to use. For example, only pour a quart into the EnviroCaddie if you only have a small amount of painting to do.

Factory tests show that cross-contamination of the new color is not an issue if the old paint is completely sprayed out of the EnviroCaddie.

Instructions for Vertical
Action Valve Replacement

  1. Close both nitrogen and product valves on the EnviroCaddie.
  2. Close needle valve on the receptor.
  3. Depress actuator to purge lines.
  4. Unscrew locking ring on receptor (counterclockwise).
  5. Remove vertical action valve from receptor making sure that the o-ring is removed with the valve.
  6. Insert new vertical action valve with new o-ring.
  7. Replace locking ring.
  8. Open nitrogen valve first on the EnviroCaddie and depress the actuator; you should have nitrogen spraying from the receptor.
  9. Open product valve and depress the actuator, you should have product spraying from the actuator.

To eliminate problems like clogged valve, actuator or plugged paint line, please purge the receptor and line after every use.

If you have any questions, please call EnviroCaddie at 888-867-1800.

EnviroCaddie Return Procedure

Obtain a return merchandise number (RMN).

  1. Fill out and submit the Customer Service Request Form on this page.
  2. You will receive an RMN.

Prepare the EnviroCaddie for Shipment - IMPORTANT!

The EnviroCaddie must be shipped back empty of all products. Contents can be transferred to any metal container, such as an empty paint can.

To drain the EnviroCaddie, follow these steps:

Close ALL tank valves.

Charge the EnviroCaddie with nitrogen to at least 50 psi.

Close the paint valve at the receptor.

Depress the actuator to remove pressure from the receptor.

Remove the gun from the receptor.

Unscrew the retaining nut and remove the vertical action valve from the receptor.

Hold the receptor over the empty container.

Open the paint valve at the tank.

  1. Slowly open the needle valve at the receptor.
  2. Allow the contents of the EnviroCaddie to completely drain into the container.
  3. When the entire product as been drained, allow all but approximately 5 psi of nitrogen to discharge from the EnviroCaddie. This will ensure that the remaining product will not dry up in the tank by exposure to oxygen.
  4. Clean the end of the receptor and the vertical action valve with brake and parts cleaner.
  5. Reassemble the vertical action valve and gun on the receptor.
  6. Place back in the original shipping container and mark the outside of the box with the RMN number.
  7. Ship the EnviroCaddie back to:

EnviroCaddie, LLC
Attn: Repair Department
918 Old Barn Rd.
Orlando, FL 32825

For assistance, contact us at 888-867-1800.

EnviroCaddie Customer Service Request Form